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While home buyers are typically aware that an inspection is part of the process of purchasing a house, questions often arise around if they really need a home inspection, what to expect and what exactly inspectors should out look for during a home inspection.

You may be tempted to skip having a home inspection but note that there are so many parts of a house that could be in need of repairs. Some of those things could impact the safety of the residents too. And since most home buyers are not builders or home experts, it is very important to thoroughly check a house before buying it.

Successful inspections prior to moving into a home will assure ease of mind and guarantee the best safety possible.

Below are 4 top reasons why a property inspection is highly recommended before investing in a house.

1. Uncover Safety/Structural Issues: The home inspection is the opportunity to thoroughly investigate the home you’re potentially going to be purchasing to know if it is safe enough to live in.

During the inspection process, you can uncover structural issues, improper electrical wiring, worn roofing, inoperable windows, and plumbing deficiencies and so much more.

With the number of collapsed buildings rising owing to developers not meeting the standards of building construction, risking buying a poorly structured home can be avoided by going with an experienced realtor or engineer who would help with the inspection.

Deciding to skip a home inspection is sad to be a wager on your finances. The outcome, not too pleasing. In order to avoid this, properly investigate the home whether or not it is newly built before signing a property purchase contract.

2. Forecast Potential Future Expenses: Buying a home is an important investment and it is pivotal to have an understanding of what to expect in the future in the case of expense. Having knowledge about the materials used in the construction of a home and when replacements are required would provide you with an estimated cost you may have to incur in the future.

3. It Reveals Vital Information: Booking a home inspection can provide useful information about the condition of the home and its systems. During a property inspection, you are opportune to find out about the drainage system, road network and other important amenities. It provides the buyer with the opportunity to decide whether to go on with the purchase or whether to go for another option.

4. Negotiating Tool: An inspection provides you with full details of the issues of a property. When these issues have been discovered, it provides an opportunity to negotiate with the seller of the said property to either fix the issues or ask for a price reduction. Working with a real estate expert give you better-negotiating power.

Smart sellers, too, know the value of a presale inspection. Having the house thoroughly scrutinized by a reliable third party before listing it provides an additional selling point in the form of a written report. While this is useful information and lends credibility to the seller, you should still insist on getting your own independent inspection before making the purchase. A professional inspection will tell you both what might be wrong with the house and also what’s right with it.

As the home owner, it’s critical to communicate with the home buyer by answering any questions, walking them through the process, explaining your role and duties and ultimately how it will protect them in their purchase.

Should you purchase a house without having it inspected? No!

What if the owner told you he checked it out and everything was great?  Still no!

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